7 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again. Chocolates line the shelves, flowers are on special, everything seems to be some shade of pink or red, and love is in the air. Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. 

This year, we at Olive Branch Group Therapy challenge you to make Valentine’s day a chance to reconnect with yourself. Nobody said you had to have a partner to feel some love on February 14th (or any day for that matter!) It’s the perfect reason to practice self love and to remind yourself that you deserve to have a little me time every once in awhile. 

Need help trying to figure out how to love yourself? Here are seven Valentine’s Day ideas for yourself to get you started! 

  1. Spa Day – Who doesn’t love a good spa day? And hey, even if you don’t want to spend money or go out, you can have your own spa day at home! Draw a bubble bath, put on a purifying face mask, grab a good book, Voila! You deserve to be pampered. 
  2. Get Active – Get those endorphins going without tumbling in the sheets. Getting active this Valentine’s day is a great, natural way to feel happy and stay healthy. Take a walk or jog around a new park, try a new fitness class, or hey, maybe even pull up a Youtube dance routine. Enjoy yourself! 
  3. Treat Yourself – Who says you can’t give yourself a Valentine’s day gift? Buy yourself some flowers, chocolates or other goodies. Try a new restaurant. Feeling a little self conscious? Cook one of your favorite meals or learn a new one. 
  4. Write It Down – What do you love about yourself? Write down everything you appreciate about yourself. It can be anything from “I love my hair,” to something like “I love my ability to listen closely to others.” Just take some time to appreciate you, well, for you!
  5. Just Breathe – Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about loving others, or having a partner. We want it to be about loving yourself. This Valentine’s Day, take 20 or even just 10 minutes to find some inner peace and try meditating. Let go of all your outside worries for a few moments. Focus on you and just you
  6. Wear Something You Love – Have a dress that makes you look amazing? Wear it! Have a sweater that really makes your eyes pop? Wear it! When we feel confident in how we look, we innately feel better about ourselves. Even if your favorite thing to wear is a cozy pair of pajama pants, if it makes you feel good, great!
  7. Therapy – Counseling or therapy is a great opportunity to slow down and really focus on yourself. Remember, your emotional and mental well-being is just as important as your physical health. Even if you feel like you don’t have significant “problems,” sometimes connecting with a professional therapist can help you figure out ways to mitigate stress, maintain healthy relationships and otherwise navigate life’s challenges. 

At Olive Branch Therapy Group, we offer many different types of therapy, such as psychotherapy and EMDR therapy. We appreciate each person as their own unique individual and therefore strive to find the type of therapy that best fits you.

Want to learn to love yourself a little better all year round? Check out our professional team and contact us today!

Oh and have a great Valentine’s Day!

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About The Author
NoreenNoreen Iqbal, LCSW is the Director and Therapist at the Olive Branch Therapy Group. Noreen works with young adults, adults, and couples. Noreen’s specialties include depression, anxiety, couples, and women’s issues. If you are interested in working with Noreen, contact us via email, phone or chat on our website.