Pandemic Help


Hello Olive Branch clients and families,

Our team is dedicated to helping and supporting you and your family. In order to maintain the safety of our Olive Branch Therapy Group facilities, we have taken the following precautions:

  • Daily sanitizing of individual therapy offices and common spaces.
  • Temporary reduction of our 24-hour Cancellation Fee to 12-hour Cancellation Fee for illness—if you or your child is feeling ill, we ask that you stay home. Please email your therapist directly and confirm with them their email address if you are unsure.
  • Establishing structure for telehealth services in order to maintain therapeutic supports, should you or your child be unable to attend your scheduled sessions. At this time not all insurance plans will pay for teletherapy benefits. In the event you do not have coverage, you have the option to pay the self-pay rate of $155/session. We are closely monitoring if insurance companies are mandated to pay for teletherapy benefits but at this time nothing has been finalized.
  • Updating our Website and Instagram account as needed to inform clients if we are prompted by health officials to close temporarily.

Additionally, we request that all clients, upon arrival at Olive Branch Therapy Group offices, immediately wash their hands following the procedures recommended by the CDC before going to the waiting area or into therapy offices. Signs have been posted in all bathrooms to help remind us of proper hand washing practices. Please help us keep each other healthy. Some of our therapists and clients have underlying medical vulnerabilities and we ask that you partner with us to be thoughtful, responsible citizens.

We understand that worries around Covid-19 can be quite distressing for children, especially those who are already inclined towards big feelings. We want to provide you with some resources and approaches we are using with our own children as we help them process all of the attention and information they are being exposed to, and the emotions they are experiencing in response to this evolving situation. If you have a low level of concern, you are not under-reacting; and, if you are concerned and taking precautions, you are not overreacting.

Best Regards,

Noreen Iqbal, LCSW