Being Thankful For A Mother’s Love

With Mother’s Day approaching is only makes sense to examine the importance and significance of a positive relationship with our mothers. These relationships are a good part of what shapes us as individuals and our ability to become emotionally functioning healthy adults. When we have loving nurturing mothers, these relationships are often ones we may take for granted or quite simply overlook because for most of us, she, our mother, is always there. That relationship is built into our lives. This relationship is not something we have to think about or question. But that right there may be the most significant part of it; The reasons why we do not have to question it? You see, when you have a nurturing, caring, supportive mother she ensures that her children never do question it, that they know it and can feel it.

When we think of what a mother is, we often think of someone who is gentle, kind, supportive, loving unconditionally and safe. She is someone that will support us, in any endeavor with bells and whistles on. She is our biggest cheerleader that will move mountains in order to sit on the sidelines or attend every recital, pageant, debate, or other event. She will encourage us when we lose faith and hope and doubt ourselves. She will calm us when we are upset, angry or emotionally hurt. She will do everything she can to make all pain, emotional, physical or psychological, go away. She will listen to us vent about all things big or small, trivial or important and listen intently without judgment. She will offer hugs when we need them most or a shoulder to lean on. She is often the strongest person we know that keeps it together while everything or everyone else is falling apart. She is selfless and puts others before herself. And most importantly, she does it seamlessly so that we, her children, never question it. We do not hesitate to seek her love, support, guidance or assurance because we somehow just know she is there for us in any and every capacity.

Having this level of unquestionable, unconditional love, support and healthy attachment gives children the confidence to know that they are secure, capable and worthy humans. This relationship teaches us the importance of empathy and compassion for others, but also teaches us self-love and forgiveness. Her acts of kindness help instill in us healthy coping skills and shapes the pathways of how we respond and react to hardships, differences and chaos; internally and physically. How we navigate the many relationships of our lives. Lastly and maybe most importantly, a positive relationship with our mother helps create, build and maintain our own self-worth and value; two of the most essential parts of being an emotionally healthy adult or person.

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About The Author

Sara Bickar, LPC is a therapist at the Olive Branch Therapy Group. Sara works with young adults and adults. Sara’s specialties include depression, anxiety, and women’s issues. If you are interested in working with Sara, contact us via email, phone or chat on our website.