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How To Connect With Your Inner Child This Summer

Summer can be a nostalgic time. The days are long, the weather is finally nice and warm, and best of all, school is out. There’s nothing like summertime when you’re a kid – the days last forever and you never seem to run out of things to explore. As adults, though, we’ve kind of lost the magic of summer. Especially after a year spent indoors and isolated, it might feel like summer is just another season to get through. This year more than ever, though, we deserve to make time for fun and childlike joy. We’ve been through a lot this past year. We have a lot of healing to do both collectively and individually and working with your inner child can be a healing practice. Summer tends to be a time of fewer responsibilities, so it can be the perfect opportunity to spend some time on yourself.

Your Mental Health Matters

As we enter March, we’re also entering one full year of enduring this pandemic. 

While COVID of course didn’t just appear overnight in March 2020, that’s when we started seeing wide scale shut downs, and when our day to day lives started to change long-term.

It is a very difficult thing to have survived a year of sustained trauma, which is what we have all had to do this last year.

Why Your Therapist Is The Person of The Year

This year has been overwhelming for everyone, to say the least. Surviving a global pandemic and adapting to its everyday lifestyle changes has been a full time job. Getting the kids ready for virtual school and making sure they stay on task, watching what seemed like an endless political debate, canceling all summer plans, not […]

Keeping Yourself a Priority

Let’s face it- this year has been especially tough on you. The pandemic, election, personal and professional challenges, are just some of the stressors that are depleting much, if not all, of your energy. Those of you who also struggle with mental illness, might be feeling that these burdens are just way too much to […]

How To Move Past COVID Fatigue

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of so many people worldwide. No matter where you live, your lifestyle has probably undergone severe changes. However, the most troublesome thing about this pandemic for most of us is uncertainty as the covid’s future implications are unknown. Many of us wonder what life will look like after […]

Fall in love with an Autumn inspired writing prompt for self-care this October

This Fall more than ever I’ve been reflecting on what nourishes me and what may be things I can begin to let go of. Below are four writing prompts I’m planning on carving time out of my week for. Week of October 4th, 2020 Reflect on the past summer season. Possibly write down memorable moments, notice […]

The Now

“As I lead this army, make room for mistakes and depression” -Kendrick Lamar, “Mortal Man” (For reference, I am a white female and go by the pronouns she/her) As a student becoming a therapist, multiculturalism is a mandatory class in a graduate school program. The lectures and the classes emphasized that you and your experiences […]

Reflections from a therapist: Mother’s Day In Quarantine

Mother’s Day- a day to celebrate and honor mom. I have been having quite mixed emotions upon thinking about the day. Something that has been coming to the surface of my mind is how no matter what your lifestyle is like, whether you have children, single, spouse, etc. we are all currently taking care of […]

Ramadan During Quarantine: Creating a Sacred Place at Home

This year Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting from sunrise to sunset, will be a different experience for all of us. We won’t be hosting family and friends over for iftar dinners. We won’t be going to the musjid at night to pray. We won’t have that physical sense of community, a time when we […]

6 Tips to Declutter Your Mind, Body and Soul this Spring

Birds are singing, the sun is shining and the days are slowly getting longer. You know what time it is? Spring time! And what goes hand and hand with spring time? You got it! Spring cleaning! While you may dread household chores, there are some great benefits to decluttering your physical spaces. According to one […]