New Years Reflections From Therapists

New Years Reflections From Therapists
Written by The Olive Branch Therapy Group Therapists

As therapists, we reflect on life often. This New Year, we asked our team, “What did you learn in 2019, that you will be bringing into 2020?”

In 2019 I continued my efforts of working on better understanding my relationships with family members and being more of a self with others in my life. Through this journey of awareness of my own emotional process I am able to be more present with neutrality and authenticity for my clients as I move into 2020.- Suzanne Devoti

To be honest with myself in order to honestly communicate with family, friends and professional relationships to advocate for my needs and also allow for my healthy relationships to flourish. Secondly, I’m also going to continue to push myself to learn how to listen better to all those around me so I can continue to be a healthy family member, friend, and professional! Lastly-continue to bring in gratitude and enthusiasm to everything I do! – Faith Ulsh

“Change, even good change, or change you’ve been cultivating can come with a flavor of loss or grief.” – Joanna Couto

“That you are your best advocate and sometimes you need to take a chance on yourself.” – Sara Bickar

“No one is you and that is your superpower.” – Michelle Reyes

“Staying mindful and grateful can often solve your problems. Take a moment and be present”- Nazneen Yasin

“Give time to relax, nap, journal and reflect.” – Megan Kelly

“Perfection doesn’t exist and we shouldnt strive for it. All we can count on is our best effort and continue working on the best versions of our selves.”- Shelene Gross

“Deep connection is the core of life. Connecting on a genuine level with those you interact with in your daily life, helps you live vulnerably, strengthens you and gives you hope. It frees you and opens you up to receiving love and support.” – Noreen Iqbal

“Self Care: take a rest when u need to, or your body will make you take it! – Sharon Coyle-Saeed

“If you do not address the issues you are having with the people surrounding you in your life, then you will start a war inside of yourself.” -Catherine Black

“I learned the importance of challenging my tendency to catastrophize and how situations rarely end up being as bad as you predict.”- Charles Shuh

“In 2019 I learned to respect my cycles. I found empowerment through rest. I learned that I am most productive and creative when I create from a space of well-rested flow, rather than a space of grinding to prove my worth. In 2020 I will bring in more of this aligned action, continuing to build connections with my inner-guide, and will see what I can create from an open heart and curious mind, leaving “hustle culture” behind.” – Kaylee Friedman

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