Amy DeLuca Litkey, LCSW

Seeking out therapy for yourself or your child can be a difficult decision. A sign of strength and courage is recognizing a need for increased support. Whether children, adolescents, or adults, we all have life challenges that need to be addressed: from the difficulties of navigating family requirements, needs, and dynamics to the stress associated with succeeding at school, work, or other areas. These can bring on depression, anxiety, acting out behaviors, relationship troubles, and loss issues. Other times, we face challenges of our own making and need to learn how to adjust our behaviors and thought patterns. Sometimes, we just need to learn how to handle changes we were not expecting or those we’ve been hoping not to have to face.

As a Columbia University trained therapist, I provide a warm and nurturing environment where children, adolescents, and adults feel supported and are better able to understand and manage their emotions and behavior. I offer a safe place for individuals to process and cope with transition and challenges such as relationship concerns, school/work stress, divorce, grief, and traumatic experiences. Through the use of art and play therapy, I work with children to help them express their feelings in healthy ways and provide skills to reduce anxiety, depression, social difficulties, and conflict. My goal is to help clients overcome their personal and family challenges and move toward growth and stability. My additional training as a school social worker enables me to provide parent counseling for school related issues.

Furthermore, I have experience in a variety of women’s mental health issues through my past work as a Primary Therapist in the Women’s Programs at Princeton House Behavioral Health. I believe that all women have an enormous amount of inner strength which often gets lost as we take on the roles of mother, wife, caregiver, partner, and provider. As women, we often give so much of ourselves that our spirit and energy can get squashed leaving us feeling depressed and anxious.

Most importantly, I truly love what I do and this is reflected in the positive relationships I am able to develop with my clients. Whatever your struggle may be, from depression, anxiety, or trauma, to relationships, or simply coping with the stress of everyday life, I am here to help. I look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have.