Therapy for Those Affected by COVID-19

Shelter-in-place orders, social-distancing, business closures and social gathering cancellations throughout New Jersey and the world are just a few of the things we are facing today. Coronavirus has completely changed our world, leaving some of us completely isolated, without jobs or juggling new roles. Even the most optimistic among us have felt the pressures caused by COVID-19.

If you struggle with mental illness, you know that any change, no matter how small or big, can leave you reeling. Lack of direct support and a consistent schedule may have you feeling at a loss. Even if you have never previously sought help, new anxieties may arise from this novel event.

How Can Coronavirus Affect My Mental Health and What Can I Do?

Statistics about COVID-19 are scary enough as is, but how does this affect your mental health? While many of us may feel more anxious than normal, those of us who suffer from mental illness may feel this ten-fold.

During these difficult times, we encourage the same healing strategies that we’ve used in the past. Read on to learn how you can manage various mental issues and find help.

What You Can Do for You or Your Loved Ones Today

Olive Branch Therapy Group is here for you. Here are the five main tips we have for you during these challenging times:

  1. Don’t wait to reach out to your therapist, doctor or healthcare provider. Now more than even it’s important to stay healthy, physically and mentally. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today.

  2. Set and try to keep a regular routine.

  3. Reach out to loved ones frequently, even if it’s just to virtually see and hear them.

  4. Stay stocked up on your regular medications.

  5. While COVID-19 is a serious issue, it is not a death sentence. Get information from reliable resources and take breaks from the media.

The team here at Olive Branch Therapy Group want you to know we are here for you. Learn more about how we can help you and contact us to start your healing journey today! 

Surviving a Year of COVID-19

As we enter March, we’re also entering one full year of enduring this pandemic. 

While COVID of course didn’t just appear overnight in March 2020, that’s when we started seeing wide scale shut downs, and when our day to day lives started to change long-term.

It is a very difficult thing to have survived a year of sustained trauma, which is what we have all had to do this last year.

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How To Move Past COVID Fatigue

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of so many people worldwide. No matter where you live, your lifestyle has probably undergone severe changes. However,

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