Olive Branch Therapy Group is on a mission to provide a professional home to every awesome mental health worker in need of a more enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle.

We are proud to offer our staff the professional support, talented kind leadership, excellent benefits, and camaraderie of a secure employment experience; alongside true training, schedule flexibility, and freedom from micromanagement in how you do your work. Yes, it really is possible to have the best of both worlds, and we’re proving it!

We are committed to offering exceptional personalized mental healthcare in a warm and welcoming environment and are proud to incorporate a variety of trainings in our practice, keeping on the forefront of knowledge and approaches in our field.

We have built a practice that helps you balance your work and your life.  This includes our industry-challenging low session minimums (to meet eligibility for full-time benefits) AND the ability to make significantly higher pay than you could at an agency or clinic.

  • A therapist who loves your work and believes this profession is more than a job, it’s a privilege.
  • A provider with experience and passion for working with oppressed, marginalized, disenfranchised folks including BIPOC, queer clients, and/or trans/non-binary clients. (Those who identify as marginalized, BIPOC, LGBTQI+ are highly encouraged to apply!)
  • A clinician who is ambitious to make a big impact in the world, and would rather do that as a part of a team than going it on your own.
  • Confident in your ability to connect with people and help them achieve their goals.
  • Constantly learning, growing, and improving – as a therapist and as a human.
  • Looking for a professional home where you can bring your full, authentic self to work.
  • Ready for a private practice lifestyle without the stress and time commitment of managing the business side.
  • Willing to be vulnerable, open, and welcoming of the giving and receiving of feedback, because that’s a big part of how we grow as professionals!
  • Supremely comfortable with technology – from EHRs to teletherapy to shared drives. You know your way around the digital world, and you have no doubt you can connect with clients and effectively provide your services via video sessions when needed.
  • Committed to team relationship-building.
  • Minority-owned; committed to anti-racism, equality, and embracing and celebrating of diversity in all of its forms.
  • Not just tolerant, but welcoming of everyone who steps through our doors.
  • a great balance of autonomous work and team support
  • Confident, competent, awesome, and effective therapists – individually and as a team.
  • Laser-focused on helping clients live more authentic, empowered, and connected lives.
  • Pro-insurance, because everyone should have access to high-quality mental health services.
  • Strengths-based, growth-minded, and non-pathologizing, because that’s what good therapy is, period.
  • Committed to nurturing a positive work environment built on integrity, vulnerability, transparency, autonomy, and honest communication.
  • All about pursuing high-vibe, dynamic, incredible energy for ourselves and our clients.
  • Dedicated to maintaining and multiplying our unique culture.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan (FT only) with employer contribution
  • 401(k) (full-time online)
  • Dental and vision insurance (FT only) with employer contribution
  • Paid CEUs 
  • Optional weekly case consultation
  • Lawyer on retainer for case consultation who is also a therapist
  • Options for staff social gatherings every 6-8 weeks. 
  • Professional Development Program: Opportunities for professional growth and leadership.
  • Ongoing trainings, workshops, and guest presenters on salient clinical topics.
  • Enjoyable, diverse, motivated, and rewarding clients.
  • Weekly peer consult groups led by our Clinical Director.


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