Why Your Therapist Is The Person of The Year

This year has been overwhelming for everyone, to say the least. Surviving a global pandemic and adapting to its everyday lifestyle changes has been a full time job. Getting the kids ready for virtual school and making sure they stay on task, watching what seemed like an endless political debate, canceling all summer plans, not seeing family, the list goes on and on. Amidst all of the uncertainty there was one person who really kept my mental well being intact throughout such a hectic year: my therapist. It’s impossible to overstate her impact on my life and how much positivity she has brought me. I used to think I was alone in my feelings, that no one could possibly understand the emotional distress I was feeling. My therapist has been life support when I needed it the most.

As a person who really thrives on routine, this year has put my self conception of normalcy to the test. It triggered anxiety more than is normal for me. One would have thought that staying inside would suit me, but I felt like I was really making progress during the past years of being open to being more socially apt. My therapist was quick to see the regression and coached me through it every step of the way. When I was feeling panicked or obsessive, she would guide me into a state of balance and comfort. When I felt my phobias resurfacing, she would bring reassurance and ease.

Therapists have been a vital part of this crazy year, mine in particular. They have had to put aside their fears and emotions to help us sort through our own. They have really taken this task head on even during extreme uncertainty. They are our lifeline at certain points. They help us to seek answers and emotions that we may not see or feel on the surface, but that are within us. This year was all about connecting with others in ways we have not had to before and trying to keep our mental wellbeing in check. Mental wellbeing cannot be taken lightly, especially in a year like we’ve had. Without it, we would not be able to functionally move throughout our lives and our therapists have been a vital part of keeping us all functional and healthy this year. I’d like to thank all the therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists/counselors who have given of their own lives to help us all get through ours this year. We appreciate you!

In 2020, I have also had to take on more of a leadership role, leading a large group of other therapists. No one was sure what to expect this year and I had to adapt and adjust to effectively manage everything that was going on with my group. I had to act as a leader for other therapists while being so uncertain about things myself. It really helped me to see that we were all experiencing the same challenges within ourselves and with everyone we were working with. I had to be strong at a time where everything was uncertain and frankly, scary at times. Having a role like this helped me to stay grounded in 2020 and put my skills to the ultimate test. 2020 has reemphasized why I do what I do and how important the work we do is for others.

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Noreen Iqbal, LCSW is the owner and director of the Olive Branch Therapy Group. Noreen works with adolescents, young adults, adults, families and couples. If you are interested in working with Noreen, contact us via email, phone or chat on our website.