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5 Benefits of Getting Outdoors Even During Social Isolation

“Go play outside!” You might have heard that from your parents. You might have thought they wanted you out of their hair, or to get away from the TV, but what if we told you they might have had a point? (Gasp, never!) It’s not too surprising though; before the onset of COVID-19, Americans spent […]

Facts About Coronavirus to Settle Your Anxiety

Since it’s appearance in December of 2019 in Wuhan, China, COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, has been in the media nonstop. It’s spread to the United States and other nations have put many on edge. While the spread of disease is indeed a serious issue, we here at Olive Branch Therapy Group want to alleviate […]

The Importance of College Students’ Mental Health

We’re often told that our college years are “some of the best years of your life.” That it’s a time of endless opportunities, a time to meet friends that last a lifetime and a time for us to truly grow as an individual. While many of us experience this, we’ve also experienced the “darker” side […]

5 Ways to start changing unhealthy eating habits 

1. Forgive yourself  Feeling guilty often comes after eating foods you know are unhealthy. However, guilt is often a feeling that leads to emotional eating. If you have an episode where you binge or eat unhealthy foods, forgive yourself. Focus on the motivation to change your food habits, not the feeling of guilt over the […]