Why Summer 2022 is a Great Time to Start Therapy

Why Summer 2022 is a Great Time to Start Therapy

Are you considering starting therapy, but aren’t sure if now is a good time?

It’s completely normal to feel nervous about something new–especially something like therapy which requires a lot of vulnerability and hard work. But it can feel like there’s always a reason to put off taking care of yourself. Instead, here are X reasons this summer is a great time to get started on your therapy journey. 

It’s already a time of new routines: 

Summer, even as an adult, always looks a little different to the rest of the year. Whether you have children and are adjusting your routine to accommodate their new schedules, or trying to make the most of the sunny days and bright weather through days off, taking trips, going to community events, etc., it’s likely the summer months look a little different to the rest of the year. With these new schedule shifts, why not take advantage of the new plasticity to your routine? While you’re already making room for changes, make sure at least one of those changes can help you take care of yourself. 

Summer is a great time to connect with your inner child: 

Summer is a season of transition: 

Whether or not you’re still a child or teen, being raised in a culture with summers off tends to make summers always feel like a time of change, a pause, or a time to get prepared for a new challenge. While you may not have a new school year to prepare for, why not take advantage of that energy you’re feeling and start a new journey to take care of yourself?

Summer weather is often energizing: 

Unlike winter, where short dark days can make it hard to keep up with your regular responsibilities, much less add something new to your plate, summer tends to be a time of sunshine and high energy. It’s always a good idea to take stock of when you have the energy and emotional capacity to take on a new challenge, and if seasonal affective disorder is a big obstacle for you, summer can be the perfect time to get started on that journey so you have supports in place when you need them. 

That “feel good” weather can make intentional self care take the back burner: 

When you’re already feeling good, those things you do for emotional maintenance and self care might not seem as critical. While in the moment that’s not a bad thing–you’re feeling good, so you’re hopefully not neglecting yourself–it does mean you can get out of the routine of needing to intentionally care for yourself, which can create an obstacle come winter. Getting started with therapy in the summer can help keep you accountable to caring about yourself in an intentional way even while you’re feeling good so that you have that foundation for more difficult times.